About Ethels

Ethel was a loan shark's mistress from Detroit in the 60's. After dumping him for a better man, she relocated to the current address in Waterloo in 1994.  Her son's Big Dan, Broke Back Brow, Kypp and Vinay now work alongside their cute cousins from the North, Shannon, Stacey, Jessica and the Condor.

She brought along her own world famous cooking crew to recreate those famous recipies from the South. Crew Queen Daniel, her guitar playing sidekick Gardener, Fix the Sink Finch, Tuesday Taco Paco, Thrash the Slash Sarah,  Beat the cover outta ya Buff,  make it all happen.

Your host, Glenn will always be happy to sit at the end of the bar and swap lies with you.

Because of our roots in Detroit we've recreated some of Ethel's favorite southern cooking such as smoked BBQ ribs with homemade beans, pulled pork sandwiches, rajah,  meatloaf with garlic mashed potatoes and homemade desserts.

Drop in anytime and plunk yourself down at a kitchen table and let it happen.